25 Date Night Ideas for Omaha Area Residents (from Omaha Moms)  

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Are you tired of lame date nights out with your significant other? Have you been going out to dinner with your darling only to find that you are:

A) Ill-prepared for what to do next

B) Sick of going to dinner and a movie

C) Not in the mood for the boring bar scene

Well, keep reading.

I keep finding myself in this position. Heck yeah, I’m lucky that I actually have the time out with my husband and that my little sister is willing to take my wild children. But I’ve been living and dating (I hope my mother-in-law is not reading this) in Omaha for many years. I did live in Mississippi for a while but don’t remind me. Date night should be fun! Date night should be an experience – something for you and your lover-pants to talk about for at least a few days after.

So, I decided to take this to the streets. By streets, I mean a large Omaha Facebook group with over 9K followers. I asked this question: What does your favorite, unique date night look like for you (in Omaha)?

Here are 25 unique-ish date night ideas for the Omaha area:

  1. My favorite date night idea actually starts in Omaha but ends up who-knows-where. I like spontaneity. One woman suggested grabbing some snack foods, non-alcoholic drinks and going for a long drive out of town. She and her husband end up talking, stopping whenever they want, seeing new places and more!
  2. The Penny Date – What a cool idea!
  3. Paddle Boats and Kayaking at Cunningham Lake
  4. Late Nights at the ZOO
  5. Drive-In Movie Theater
  6. Trivia Night
  7. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  8. Soaring Wings Vineyard – Many good memories at this place!
  9. Mahoney State Park – Treetop Adventure – What!? This sounds so cool!
  10. Flying Timber Axe Throwing – A little scary, but I’ll try it.
  11.  Omaha Scavenger Hunt  – A fun idea I’ve got to try.
  12. Melodrama play at Mahoney Park
  13. Infinite Loop Virtual Reality – Interesting…
  14. Glass Blowing Lessons
  15. Pop Culture Exchange
  16. LeSmash in Bellevue
  17. Corky Boards – Wine and Sign Studio
  18. Omaha Culinary Tours
  19. Wine Tours
  20. Squirrel Cage Jail, Council Bluffs, IA
  21. Adult Go Karts – My husband loves this one.
  22. Escape Rooms
  23. Wicked Rabbit
  24. Shooting Range
  25. Sip and Paint

Thank you to everyone for helping me put this list together! I’ve actually only been to six of these places. There are several ideas I’d never even heard of! I hope this list helps a few of you out there. Have fun!

Do you have any other date night ideas to share with Omaha area residents? Please leave me a comment and tell us all about it!

NOTE: I have not been to most of these places. This is not an endorsement, merely ideas that sound fun. These ideas were generated from suggestions around the web.

This post was written after a few days of drinking coffee and conversing with some lovely Omaha ladies!

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