Addiction: Can We Help?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about addiction lately – and life. The two often go hand in hand.

Many questions are swirling around in my head. Why does addiction take hold of someone so hard that it rules their life and changes who they are mentally and physically? Is there a way to intervene and when is the right time to do so? Can someone who has never been addicted to drugs or alcohol help those who have or might have an addiction? Can I help educate the younger generation about the serious dangers of drugs and alcohol? 

I am not sure the exact answers to these complicated questions. However, I am deeply drawn toward finding out. In fact, I can’t stop wondering and brainstorming ways to help but can’t seem to find the right route.

Does your past shape your future?

The experiences in our lives morph who we are in the future. Addiction is in my family. I have been affected by it in many ways. That is why I am drawn to this topic so intensely. I don’t understand it completely, but I see it all around me.

Life is complicated.

Why do we do things to our bodies that we know are bad for us? Why are we not content with our natural state? The answer is, of course, the euphoric feeling we get from the ‘drug’. I can relate when it comes to food. As much as I know how bad huge amounts of tater tot casserole is, I can’t resist.

The other day someone told me that addicts or potential addicts are born with something different in their brains that make them more susceptible to dependence. That’s a scary thought. What in the world can we do about that? How do we change our brains?

Can we do this together?

As I said, there are many questions swirling around my mind. I also know that there are several other people struggling with these same exact questions at this same exact moment. If you are reading this and you feel the draw to this topic, too, we should chat. Can we combine our efforts to make a difference, big or small? Isn’t that what life is about?

What are you passionate about?

You’ve heard of living a purposeful life. As human beings, we are drawn to make a difference. I think people have varying degrees of this, but we all want to leave our mark in some way. Don’t ignore your internal voice. Use it to drive yourself to make a difference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your voice is telling you to do something bad, you should talk to someone you trust about it and learn ways to resist or cope.

I have been feeling drawn toward the topic of addiction almost every day since my mother passed away – and even before that, but not as intensely. I think humans have the power to make a difference in a positive way. We should find what we are passionate about by listening to our inner voice, try to make sense of it and do something about that passion.

Who is out there making a difference?

There is a large group of amazing people in Omaha that are passionate about ending human trafficking in our state. I have no doubt in my mind that they are and will continue to make a difference. To me, that’s living a purposeful life and I admire that. I want to do the same.

My plan is to start by understanding addiction in general. I’m going to take some of this energy and passion I have for this topic and do my research. I want to know more about what Omaha does for addicts and family members of addicts. I’d like to learn what schools do to educate children about drugs and alcohol. All I have is my personal experience and that’s not enough. This is step one for me. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Send me an email at or comment below if the topic of addiction speaks to you, too. I think we should chat.  

This blog post was written while drinking coffee and hanging out with my kids on a cold winter day in Nebraska.

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  1. Nichole-lovely as usual. Big Topic. In my 80 years, “Yes, Nichole, addiction is in the genes and how you handle that makes a difference.” Two thoughts for you – use what is working – check out Alcoholics Anonymous. Go to the TOP. They know what they are doing. Go to a meeting, meet with a member (I have a good name for you). #2 You mentioned interest in topic of sex trafficking. I have a dear friend, Teresa Houser. teresa@magdaleneomaha She’s 40-something, from Omaha, horrific background but has searched for a meaning in life and found it! She’s warm and welcoming and bright and caring. She founded and runs Magdalene Omaha, a free, 2 yr residency home for sex trafficked women to fine a new beginning. It’s based on a Nashville model. Omaha is the 30th place for a Magdalene Home – and it works!!!! They need volunteers (marketing help in the office maybe?) or you can just talk to her, or Tesa, her assistant. It’s not a big, fancy operation. Quite the opposite. If you like, we could have lunch and I could tell you more about her before you plunge in. It would be a start on exploring this expansive topic.
    You are a dear for thinking about you life and the people around you – perfect! Perfect way to live a life!

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