A Letter to My Mother

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When something unexpected like the death of your mother happens, there will always be things you’d wish you’d be able to say to her. This is what I would say to my mom right now. I hope she is listening.   Hi Mom, Holy cow. Seriously?! I can’t believe this happened. I never thought your life on earth would close …

be kind movement in omaha #BeKind

How can we teach our children to #BeKind when we are not doing it ourselves?

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I’ve heard mixed emotions on the #BeKind campaign courageously working its way through the Omaha metropolitan area. Most say it’s wonderful. Others have thought a bit more deeply about the topic, “isn’t it sad that as a community we have to remind ourselves to ‘be kind’? Shouldn’t that, with everything else we have going on, at least come easily?” Of …

woman being bored

How to add boredom into your life?

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I remember when I was young and told my dad, “I’m so bored! There’s nothing to do! Why is this so boring?” Of course, I said it in the super whinnnnnny voice of a 12-year-old (no offense if you are 12 and reading this post, but maybe you shouldn’t be?). His response was, “Being bored is great! One day you’ll …

newborn on wash machine on pillow to help soothe him

6 Steps to Survive the New Baby Stage

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Parenting is rewarding in many ways. The first time they say “Momma” or “I love you” is absolutely the most amazing feeling. What’s not super amazing is getting up at 3am. There’s something about 3am that pains the soul. Your mind is not right, you can barely see, and I’m pretty sure you have just been woken up from your …