Your 2-Minute Guide to 2018 Fall Fashion

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Let’s make this intro short and sweet. I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I do like to know what’s trending. Most of the time I pick up on it months late, but not this year. I decided to do some research to deliver this 2-minute fashion guide for those that care about being a bit more on the …

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6 Reasons Why I Started This Blog

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A friend of mine asked me the other day, “So, why the blog?” Now, this is a very good friend of mine. A friend that I can always count on for honest answers and questions. (Above is a picture of the coffee mug she surprised me with after my son was born.) Well, good friend, I’m glad you asked. Why …

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How to add boredom into your life?

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I remember when I was young and told my dad, “I’m so bored! There’s nothing to do! Why is this so boring?” Of course, I said it in the super whinnnnnny voice of a 12-year-old (no offense if you are 12 and reading this post, but maybe you shouldn’t be?). His response was, “Being bored is great! One day you’ll …

Should you LOVE your job?

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You’ve heard the phrase: Do what you love. These four words mean a lot to so many. In fact, I personally have them proudly displayed in a frame in my office space right now. Do what you love, they say. Love what you do, they say. But what exactly do you love? Honestly answering this question is half the battle. …

When to Start a Blog (and How)?

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How to get your blog established in as little as 3 months. There are many key indications that you should start your own blog. If you find yourself frequently writing your thoughts down- sometimes in bulleted form with clear intros and conclusions- you should start a blog. If you like giving other people advice and are passionately passionate about something …