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Who wants to lose 10 pounds with me? [8 STEPS]

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I’m going to lose 10 pounds. I know, I know. Everyone wants to lose at least 10 pounds. Who knows why that number gets stuck in our heads! Honestly speaking, it’s been long enough. My second child is almost two! It’s definitely time to get on track and say sayonara to the remaining flab around my problem areas.

Do you want to lose 10 pounds with me? Let’s do this…

Step 1: Visualize something while working out.

white dress on hanger

This dress will look so much better on me in 60 days…

I have two things I think about when my workout is killing me. 1. I think about the tiny black and white dress my husband bought for me. 2. I imagine the exact number I want to see on my scale. I’ve previously lost excess weight and understand my body, I know that this number is where I should be. What is your ideal size or number? You should probably find that out.

Step 2: Identify your negative habits.

kid eating speghetti


My two biggest problems are these: 1. I eat out too much. Most of the time, I’m too lazy to pack a lunch. I also really enjoy eating out. 2. I snack at night. Food is my friend. I seriously love hanging out with her while I watch Netflix after my kids go to bed. You don’t need more food when you’ve had enough calories throughout the day. I eat because it’s kinda fun and satisfying. OUCH!

Step 3: Change your habits and offer yourself the same rewards.


A salad can actually taste pretty darn good sometimes.

Once you’ve identified the habits, replace them with something else. My strategy is to still eat out, but not as much. When I do eat out, though, my options are healthy salads and lean chicken. That’s it, folks. I still get the reward of eating out and feeling full. As for snacking at night, I ain’t doin’ it! My plan is to have fruits or veggies if I really need it. I will relax with a cup of tea instead of eating.

Step 4: Identify what exercises you like.

man on treadmill

I love my treadmill!

Don’t do something you hate. It won’t work. If you despise yoga, skip it. Find something you actually want to do. I love Jillian Michael’s work out videos and my treadmill. I honestly love my treadmill. I found that if I listen to motivating and empowering female music, I can tolerate running long enough to get in 1-3 miles. Figure out what works for you and repeat it!

Step 5: Put together an achievable plan.

scale and tape

What do your goals look like?

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Have a solid idea that’s actually going to work. My plan includes the following: 1. To work out 4-5 times per week on my treadmill. I will run at least one mile each time I work out. 2. I will make healthier choices when I eat out. 3. I will have a protein shake for breakfast (because normally I skip it and should not). 4. I will stop stress eating. NOTE: Don’t forget to write your goals and ideas down. I also track my workouts on a chalkboard calendar.

Step 6. Tell at least three people about your plan to lose 10 pounds.

girls on old phone

Love this photo from 1999. I seriously just had to share this pic.

This will help you be more accountable and motivated. You can also put your goals in the comments of this post. I will check up on you!

Step 7: Have a checkpoint in 30 days.

girl flexing her arm

Are you looking and feeling better yet?

Evaluate your plan 30 days after you start. Is it working? Can you handle it? Do you need to modify your plan a bit? You get the idea.

Step 8: Buy some new frayed skinny jeans because you look fabulous!

How long do you think it will take us to lose 10 pounds? I’ve tried different things. I’ve worked out for 30 minutes every day for 27 days straight. I ran a mile a day for 17 days! It helped me build up my endurance. I did not lose much weight. My unhealthy addiction to yummy food is literally weighing me down. For the next 30 days, I’m committed to better habits. Let’s see how it works! I’ll check back here in 30 days and update you all on my progress.

NOTE: Don’t forget to stay hydrated and get enough sleep. I’ve heard these two things also help!

What’s your plan? Tell me about it in the comments below. They say that writing it down is the first step to actually doing it! Good luck.

This blog was written while drinking lots of coffee. It was a long night with our darling son who recently insists on waking up at 4 am to start his day!

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