Top 5 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Omaha

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Eating out is a form of entertainment for me and my family. We enjoy being together, not cooking, devouring great-tasting food and not having to clean up after ourselves. It’s probably where all of our money goes, sure, but it’s more worth it than you might think. It’s safe to say that I’ve been to most of the restaurants within a 20-mile radius of where I live. I’d say that makes me pretty qualified to give a little advice about where you should take your family to dine out.

Keep reading for my top 5 family-friendly restaurants in Omaha.

We live in Omaha, Nebraska where there’s a restaurant at almost every corner and down every street. There’s a lot of restaurants to choose from. When we go out to eat there are a few requirements.

  • It can’t be too quiet. It must be lively enough for us to have our 1.5-year-old and talkative 6-year-old with us. A restaurant that’s too quiet is reserved for date nights.
  • It must be affordable. We have young children. Enough said.
  • The food has to be above average. I am not going to waste my time or money on food that I can cook at home, which is less than you might think. Nonetheless, it must be delicious.
  • The customer service and staff must be above average. I have high expectations when it comes to eating out. If I ask you for shredded cheese and you lie to me that you do not have shredded cheese, I might not be too happy about it. Note: I did have the restaurant that told me they did not have shredded cheese hyperlinked above, but my editor husband made me take it out. 😬

Above are the main stipulations I have for eating out with my husband and two children. I’m usually in a specific mood or want a particular atmosphere. My top 5 restaurants are places I would take my family any day of the week. I am always in the mood for these restaurants. They obviously meet all of my above requirements.

Here are my top 5 family-friendly restaurants:

1. Villagio Pizzeria – When my daughter was younger and our house was in the northwest Omaha area, we liked to walk to Villagio frequently to dine. The food was yummy, service always spectacular and they made our daughter feel very important. It has been a few months since we’ve been there. We would always sit in the outside patio area and played games. They also had chalk and coloring books for kids – genius! At the end of the meal, children would get to pick a prize from the treasure chest. My daughter always loved going there. I think we need to visit again very soon.

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2. Keystone Kafe – I discovered Keystone Kafe on a whim. The first thing that made me a repeat customer was the help of one employee in particular. I took my daughter there the first time and this waitress was attentive, warm and welcoming. Keystone Kafe has several things going for it: price, pleasing atmosphere, great staff and consistently good tasting food. The management is also pretty great to work with.*

3. Shirley’s Diner – Ok. So this place is one of our favorites for an interesting reason. I guess it’s usually one thing in particular that draws us to a restaurant and then it sticks, or it doesn’t. It was the themed tables, in this case. My daughter discovered her love of Elvis at Shirley’s Diner. There used to be a table, and the walls surrounding the table, covered in Elvis pictures. Now, just the wall next to the table is historically themed. The food is always good. The staff is efficient and swift. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience at Shirley’s Diner. They even have a small play area just for kids.

4. Don & Millie’s – There are many reasons why this restaurant made my top 5 list. The menu is super family friendly, and the food seems fresher and tastier than most fast-food restaurants. But let’s be honest. It could also have a little bit to do with the fact that their margaritas are $1.07 after tax. The hardest part is deciding whose turn it is to have one: mine or my husband’s. I think it’s my turn.

5. Spaghetti Works – Old Market – What kid doesn’t like spaghetti? I guess my daughter didn’t for about three years, but who’s counting? I like this restaurant because it is big. When my son gets a little antsy I can walk around with him and not feel uncomfortable. My second favorite thing is the salad bar. It’s been satisfying since the first time I ate there when I was in high school, which was a few years ago (again, who’s counting?).

As my children get older and my spending habits fluctuate, so might my favorite family-friendly Omaha restaurants. For now, if my husband mentions any of these five places to eat, I am ready and willing.

Do you have any family-friendly Omaha restaurants that top your list? Share them in the comments below. My daughter wanted me to include McDonald’s, Pizza Ranch and Red Robin. As I told you, we have an eating out addiction. I also like when the restaurant offers a discount for kids to eat there. That’s another big sell for us!

Other favorites from Omaha residents on West Omaha Moms in the Know include:

  • Ollie & Hobbes
  • Charred
  • B & G Tasty Foods
  • Zio’s Pizza
  • Pepperjax (132nd and Center)
  • Roja
  • El Bee’s
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Biaggis
  • Harold’s Koffee House
  • Tap House
  • Angus Burgers & Shakes
  • Smitty’s Garage
  • Jimmy’s Egg
  • Romeo’s
  • Hu Hot

*NOTE: Keystone Kafe is a social media client of NB Marketing. This happened after giving advice to one of the waitresses about their Facebook page. The owner happened to be there and then hired me to work for them. Everything listed above about the Kafe is factual and honest. I was not compensated by anyone to write this post.

Thank you for reading my blog. I had coffee before writing this post. Perhaps it was from one of these five places.

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      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. You just can’t go wrong with these two restaurants you mentioned liking! -Nichole

  1. My kids love oscars too! Super family friendly

    We also like
    China buffet on 144&Maple. Kids eat free on Tuesdays, it’s akways impeccably clean and it’s fast. Plus I have one who pretty much only eats crab Rangoon lol

    1. Post

      Thank you for the suggestion. Honestly, there are so many great restaurants in Omaha! I am getting a lot of feedback on Facebook and will soon add those suggestions here as well. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I very much appreciate it (and your comment). -Nichole

  2. My husband and I were just talking about best pizza places in Omaha. Here is what we came up with tonight: Oscars, Mama’s Pizza, Valentinos, & La Casa

    My favorite Chinese place is rather new is Lings Asian Cuisine on 156 & Harrison. It’s delicious! For Thai food, Mai Thai is good.

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      I should write a blog about this also. I would for sure agree on Oscar’s and Mama’s Pizza. I will need to refresh my memory on the other two. I have not tried the Chinese place yet. Have you tried Thai Pepper yet? Oh my! That was incredible. Thank you for your comment and for reading. -Nichole

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  3. Nichole – love your site. Love the coffee colors and the divisions of sections within each story. Must admit I’m not a young parent as you are, but do enjoy most of your subjects. Writing more about Omaha would be fun for me as a reader. Keep going, Nichole, you do write so well!

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      Thank you. I think you are right about the Omaha topics. I have several topics up my sleeve. I appreciate the support.

  4. You should check out The Good Life. There are two locations (soon to be 3) – 204th & Maple and 180th and Pacific. My experience there is that they have a phenomenal wait staff, and they always have a little toy for my 6 year old. (Fidget Spinner, Stuffed Animal, etc)

    On Mondays, at the Maple location, they bring a magician out to do tricks and make balloon animals for the kids. The guy is a real pro, and is a delight every time we run into him. Also on Mondays: half price pizza.

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